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HBO The Trans List

After years and years of working so hard to get my voice into a more mainstream arena, it’s been difficult because of my sex work, my openness to talk about my genitals as well as just being a sort of in your face kind of activist, I was given this amazing space to speak about sex and how it helped me to become a complete man.

HBO The Trans List. Premiered in December 2016. If you haven’t seen it please watch. Not because of me but because the stories are everything.

Buck Angel speaks at the Annenberg Space for Photography

Last month I had the honor of speaking at the Annenberg Space for Photography. They are showcasing some of the people from the HBO The Trans List, and I happen to have been chosen. WOW what an amazing honor.

So now they have uploaded the lecture on the site for you to watch if you missed me live. Click the photo below.


Buck Angel Annenberg

Speaking about my life-Buck Angel

The BUCK OFF-First Trans Man Pleasure Product

So here it is my friends! What I have been trying to get made for years. Our very own trans male masturbator!

Buck Off-Trans male stroker

The Official Buck Angel Trans Male Stroker by Perfect Fit Brand

If you are familiar with my work and how hard it has for me to even break into the adult world with my films than you can only imagine that I dealt with the same stuff when it came to wanting to produce a pleasure product for us. They said the exact same thing to me that they did when I wanted to make film, “There is no market”

Below is an instructional video { graphic } of me showing you how this product works. ADULT ONLY PLEASE.

Guess what people, there is a market! We are a market and we have sexual needs just like everyone else! I will never give up is what I said to myself. Then Steve Callow came along from Perfect Fit Brand! Because my good friend Jen Laws works there he set up a meeting with Steve and the minute we sat down and I just cut to the chase ,Steve knew it was a no brainer that he even said to me ” that’s a no brainer”

BUCK OFF Packaged

The Official Buck Angel Trans Male Stroker by Perfect Fit Brand-$29.95

From that moment I knew, it was going to be made. Within a couple week’s we were sitting down and designing the BUCK OFF. Steve is a great designer and understood exactly what I was talking about. So we worked out all the details and here it is!! I can’t believe it.

The next step was designing the box and also making sure that this product was accessible to everyone. The price needed to fit my community. We don’t have lots of funds and the last thing I want to do is alienate anyone from being able to purchase this important product. Steve also understood and we made that a priority. $29.95 seemed like the perfect fit!

Buck Off-Trans male stroker

The Official Buck Angel Trans Male Stroker by Perfect Fit Brand

I cannot tell you how it makes me feel to get so much amazing and loving feedback from my community. It really means everything to me. I work so hard to make us visible and most important for me to create a sexual visibility. We are not robots and sex is a big part of transitioning . There are some who believe this is not important and we are in disagreement. So I will continue to fight for our sexual rights and the desires that we have are real. That we learn to love our new bodies and know that it is ok. That we feel sexy and that other’s think we are sexy too. I believe the BUCK OFF will help to create a love for yourself that you might not have, or if you do it will hopefully create a great orgasm!!

Buck Off-Trans male stroker

The Official Buck Angel Trans Male Stroker by Perfect Fit Brand

We are now accepting orders.


Sending everyone lots of love and thank you from the bottom of my heart for all of the amazing support with this product. And just so you know, this is far from the last pleasure product for trans men that you will see from me and Perfect Fit Brand.

Love Buck #tranpa

PERFECT FIT BRAND and BUCK ANGEL Create Worlds First FTM Pleasure Product

Buck Angel and Perfect Fit


So excited to finally be able to talk about my release of a trans male sexual health product I have been working on for years. It is about to finally become a reality. I have teamed up with the amazing company Perfect Fit. All of this came about because of my good friend Jen Laws. He works at Perfect Fit and he introduced me to Steve Callow and it was pretty much on from there.

We will be debuting the actual product at the ANME plesure products show July 17, 2016 in Burbank California.

Perfect Fit Brand enters a collaborative agreement with Buck Angel. The Florida-based men’s sexual health and pleasure products company will be working with the adult entertainment icon and LGBTQ / human rights activist to create the world’s first pleasure product specifically geared for the FTM market.

“We are thrilled to have the opportunity to work with Buck Angel,” says Steve Callow, Perfect Fit Brand President and CEO. “An introduction was made through one of our own staff, Jen Laws. Buck and I have the same values when it comes to caring and servicing of the LGBT community; we both want to help people. Through speaking with Buck, it became apparent we had an opportunity to make a sex toy specifically for the FTM trans community. Our philosophy has always been to make products to enhance the sexual experience, and Buck believes this toy will help transmen explore their bodies and be more confident in their sexuality. That’s all we needed to hear, and we are proud to be associated with Buck on this project.”

“I am so excited to finally be releasing an adult toy specific to the trans male community,” says Buck Angel. “This is something I have been working on for years, and have approached many companies within the adult world, only to be told ‘there is no market’ – it has been frustrating, to say the least. So when I finally had the chance to sit down and talk with Steve Callow, he was so amazing, and saw my vision right from the start. It was so exciting when he said to me, ‘This is a no-brainer, and I am totally on board.’ It means so much to me to be working with a company which not only cares about making a quality, truly functional product, but understands and cares to support my community and be an ally.”

Angel continues, “Learning how to love my body sexually was a game-changer for me; it enabled me to become the confident man I am today. I believe sex is a big part of the transition process – finding and exploring your new body can be challenging. Steve saw this as an important product, not only for the pleasure products world, but also because it acknowledges that transmen are valued enough to have their own adult toy. This is everything I have fought for since coming into the adult entertainment world 15 years ago.”

Buck Angel is a female-to-male (FTM) transman, adult performer, producer, educator, and founder of Buck Angel Entertainment. Winner of the 2007 AVN Award for Transsexual Performer of the Year, 2008 Feminist Porn Award for Boundary Breaker of the Year, and inaugural Transgender Erotica Award for FTM Performer of the Year, his innovative educational documentary series, “Sexing the Transman,” has received numerous accolades with every release, breaking through the barriers of censorship to be shown at film festivals worldwide.

As a motivational speaker, LGBT advocate, and producer, Buck Angel is a highly sought-after speaker at LGBT events around the world, regularly selling out venues at which he appears. For more information, visit his websites,www.buckangel.com, and

Buck Angel can also be followed on Twitter at, and on Facebook at

Founded in 2011 and establishing itself as a driving force in the adult novelty industry, Perfect Fit Brand designs and manufactures unique, cutting-edge products, offering groundbreaking innovations for the sexual health of men, women, and couples. Nominated for 41 industry awards to date and the recipient of a 2016 Male Pleasure Products Company of the Year award, an important aspect of Perfect Fit Brand’s philosophy and ultimate success is to ensure its customers are educated in the proper use of their unique products. With a comprehensive website offering information on products which may not be available at retail locations, the company offers video demonstrations, articles, and detailed product information.

Perfect Fit Brand will be showcasing its entire line at the July ANME Founders Show, held July 17 – 19 in Burbank, California, where it is nominated for LGBT Company of the Year at the 2016 StorErotica Awards. Retailers and distributors are encouraged to meet with the Perfect Fit Brand team; to inquire about scheduling a meeting, or placing an order, contact

The company may also be followed on Twitter at, on Facebook at, on YouTube at, and on Tumblr at


About Perfect Fit Brand:

Founded in 2011 and establishing itself as a driving force in the adult novelty industry, Perfect Fit Brand designs and manufactures unique, cutting-edge products, offering groundbreaking innovations for the sexual health of men, women, and couples. Former StreemMaster CEO Steve Callow, who now helms Perfect Fit Brand, is a well-known veteran in the adult novelty industry, with a proven track record in designing innovative, top-selling products. Callow brings his core values to Perfect Fit Brand; its greatest contribution to the good of corporate social responsibility comes from its core business activities – quality, selection, convenience, customer service, recycling, and other initiatives. Perfect Fit Brand also contributes to the communities where their employees and customers live, through fundraising and product donations, to nonprofit groups, including the South Florida AIDS Walk, Broward House, and Beach Bear Weekend.

An important aspect of Perfect Fit Brand’s philosophy and ultimate success is to ensure its customers are educated in the proper use of their unique products. With a comprehensive website offering information on products which may not be available at retail locations, the company offers video demonstrations, articles, and detailed product information. Nominated for 39 industry awards to date, including LGBT Company of the Year, Perfect Fit Brand won the 2016 XBIZ Award for “Male Pleasure Products Company of the Year,” and its Jock Armour hybrid jock strap / cock ring won the 2015 XBIZ Award for “Gay Sex Toy of the Year.”


# # #

For Retail / Sales inquiries, please contact:

For press inquiries, please contact:

My My My I’m So Bi-Music Video from Alicia Champion

Wow I did another music video. This time in San Diego California in April 2016. The video is all about being bisexual. So when Alicia Champion the musician sent me an email asking me to be apart of this, well of course I could not say no.

That next week I drove to San Diego for the night. Got up early and headed to the set. Not knowing anyone there I walked in and headed straight for the food table haha. That’s when I met the rest of the video cast. Needless to say, everyone was super friendly.

About an hour after getting there we started shooting. That was so much fun. Just dancing around with Alicia and having a great time. Here is the finished video. I love it and hope you do as well. Remember to like it.


Shivers Are Proof Music Video-Featuring Buck Angel

Back in November of 2015 I was asked by the lead singer of this french band called Loki Starfish if I could come to Paris and be in his music video. I really liked his energy, his name is Jérémie Lapeyre and he is super awesome. Handsome too.

So after my gigs were all finished in London I flew over to Paris. My first time. It was so great. They treated me like a star.

Shooting the video was incredible. I am very happy with the outcome and think it is a piece of art. Please watch and comment if you like it. Every day I am grateful for these amazing experiences I get to have. Hoping that by being so visible somehow it will create some change in our hurt world. Showing transmale visibility in a music video is an important thing.

Use Me Please! N.C. Restroom Law

Hi everyone,

I am pretty sure you all have been following the new anti-LGBT laws that have hit N.C. recently. Especially hard hit is the new restroom law which will affect our transgender community pretty hard.

Recently there have been lots of mainstream post using this poster that I made. One recent post was the Chicago Tribune.

The great thing is that we are getting lots of exposure and many allies who have taken up the fight to get our rights to use whatever restroom fits our preferred gender.

So I am posting this here for you to use wherever you see fit.

Buck Angel gender neutral restrooms

Buck Angel gender neutral restrooms


The Lust Interview with Buck Angel

I remember meeting Erika Lust years ago at one of the Berlin Porn Film festivals, She was super cool and came up to me to introduce herself. She makes really cool movies. She is really cool too. So when I was in Berlin this past year again for the porn film festival as well as the feminist porn awards Erika and I met up again. She asked me to do an interview for her site and of course I said yes. But with my crazy travel and work schedule it took me months to complete.

Finally here it is. I think it came out pretty good. Its actually very difficult for me to write as I do not feel as confident as I do with my film making or even my public speaking. So I do hope you enjoy it and get to know me better through it.

“Buck is an adult film maker, a trans man, an award winning porn star (branding himself “the man with a pussy”), a motivational speaker, and an activist who push for trans sex positivity. He fights for the right to be sexual – not only the right to be accepted. As one of the brightest, freshest voices in the adult industry right now, we talked to him about his relentless drive, using adult films as a tool for sexual liberation, trans visibility, the importance of sex positivity, and revolutionizing the porn world. Ladies and gentlemen, the amazing: Buck Angel….Read More


Buck Angel sitting photo

The Man With A Vagina,’ On The Role Sex Plays In Living Authentically

January 2016 I was asked to be a part of this series on the Huffington Post Gay Voices. The interviews before me where with some of my favorite people so I was so honored to be called upon to be amongst these greats. Laura Jane Grace, Kate Bornstein and Cece McDonald.

Sex work and being a trans man has always been very important to me. Talking about it to help others feel comfortable in their bodies has been such a great thing to see how so many other trans men are starting to feel comfortable because I was able to put it out there.

I hope you enjoy the interview and I am always excited to hear from you so please let me know what you think..

Buck Angel Living Authentically The Interview


“Buck Angel is an adult film producer, activist and trans man whose work as an educator fights to sexualize the trans body and break down stigma surrounding the spectrum of trans male identity. He initially made a name for himself in the world of adult entertainment, pushing the industry to rethink their relationship with transgender actors and create visibility for trans and gender non-conforming men.

Over the last several years, Angel has turned his focus towards educating the public about human sexuality by touring America as a speaker and sitting down with male-identified trans and gender non-conforming people in his ongoing project “Sexing the Transman.” The documentary porn series provides a platform for trans and gender non-conforming men to have a candid discussion about the role sex and sexuality plays, or has played, in their ongoing transition.

In this interview with The Huffington Post, Buck Angel reflects on his journey as a adult film performer and educator throughout his own personal transition, the many shades and hues of the trans community, and the role that, in his eyes, visibility, sex and sexuality plays in trans and gender non-conforming people coming to live as their authentic selves.”

Buck Angel

Buck Angel Sex and Trans men

Now I have been back from my amazing and incredibly rewarding trip to the Sexx Boxx Sexuality and Gender conference in Sao Paulo Brazil November 2015. It was the first conference and was so powerful and beautiful.

Many great workshops and people a]participated. We spoke about the horrible way that the LGBTQ community os treated , but most important we talked about the human rights aspect of being trans. Why the laws need to be chnaged and how we can help.

I spoke about my life and did my Sexing The Transman workshop, both big hits.

The film Technical Difficulties of Intimacy screened at the MIX Festival and I won the Ida Feldman award for the best personality 2015.

So really the trip was more rewarding than I could ever imagine.

This video was produced by the biggest paper in Brazil and has received well over 1.5 million hits at this time.

Here is the original post on the Carta Capital Facebook Page

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