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Hey Buck I am not trans, I believe my soul is more male.

Hey Buck,

I am watching Mr. Angel right now and I just got to the part where you are talking about the time you told your dad that you felt more like a guy.  I am not trans, but I do believe in reincarnation.  I feel like while in this life I am definately female and I’m very comfortable in my female body, I believe my soul is more male. I am happy being a woman and I love it, but I know in most of my past lives i was a man and in mt next lives I will be a man. This used to be something I was ashamed of, but I have since found self acceptance and peace. I’ve talked to both my parents about this and they understand, but I can’t tell you how much it means to me to see you acceptin who you are and being happy with yourself.  You are a beautiful, strong, wonderful man and an inspiration to us all.  Thank you.

Mr Angel Documentary of Buck Angel

Shot over six years, Mr. Angel chronicles the extraordinary life of transgender advocate, educator and porn pioneer Buck Angel.


Thank you so much, my friend, that means the world to me that you would share such a wonderful and personal story. Stay positive and happy its the only way to live!

with gratitude,


You have mastered the art of confidence and understanding of ones body

This man gets lot and lots of amazing messages every day, many from my facebook page. This one below is so beautiful and makes me feel so happy that I get to inspire people to make change, not be victims but learn how to be a survivor!

“Dear Buck Angel,

I wanted to drop you a note and say thank you. we have never met and i am sure you get millions of messages a day but you have afforded me the opportunity to get to know a little about you through your facebook page. You are always very positive and have some very interesting perspective on things. You happen to post the week I had cancer surgery to remove a growth on my bladder. The surgery removed what was left of my female anatomy and a part of my bladder and some of my colon. I follow you as I have been a fan of your talks for some time and i happen to look one up while in the hospital. i was depressed about my surgery and loosing what i felt was left of my femininity not that anyone else would look at it that way. I admit i was still on pain medication when i was watching you tube and can not remember the exact moment or the exact phrase you used but for some reason it hit me that my anatomy and what was left of me did not make me any less feminine. You have mastered the art of confidence and understanding of ones body to a level I admire in many ways all while being unapologetically human. I have had to learn how to navigate this world as a out lesbian this past 5 years along with my 5 children and i admire the struggles you would have had to face in your own journey. I often believe that the queer community in general forgets the struggles those before us have had tin order for us to get where we are blessed to be now. So from one human being to another thank you for returning my own self confidence in one of my darker hours. If this cancer should take me i will go knowing that i am as beautifully feminine as i always was.”

On November 17th I will be in Sao Paulo Brazil for the first ever SSEX BBOX International summit.

[SSEX BBOX] international is a conference to organize and develop strategies and political tools to make progress on issues of public policies concerning sexuality and to combat recent advances by the religious fundamentalists.

Every 26 hours a LGBTQ person is murdered in Brazil. These statistics are horrifing and we need to make big change. This is why I have committed to going to Brazil to help give a voice to make change. Without the bworld getting involved we will not see this change.

I made this video recently to bring awareness and also to help get funding to make this important conference run. So please, even if you cannot donate, pass this on to whoever you can think of.


The First O.C. Transgender Pride {Los Angeles}

I was invited to speak at the first OC Transgender Pride this month {July} and was so honored and happy to be there. What a great group of people who run that. So humble and loving. It’s always so nice to be apart of a community that loves each other. One of my friends who came with me did this video for me and was kind enough to take the time to edit it together.

To get more information on the pride center of Orange County and the Trans Pride. Please visit here:


Soderhamn Sweden Pride 2015

This is my second year coming having been invited to speak at the Soderhamn Pride in Sweden. We screened Mr. Angel I just love love love this little town, or should I say village.

For such a small population it blows my mind how many people come out for the parade and the workshops. From what I remember I think there are like about 23,000 in the whole village. 3000 people came out for pride. Amazing.

Besides myself some of the other guests were trans actor and activist Saga Becker , Vanessa Lopez and Kenny Solomons. We had some great discussions around the future of trans and what it all means for our world.

Please enjoy some of the photos I and others took. You can see how much fun I am having in such a beautiful country. Honestly if you ever get the chance to visit Sweden do it. It is one of my favorite countries.

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Make sure to look at the Soderhamn LGBTQ Pride facebook page where you can see lots more.


I am so excited that the film I had worked on over a year ago is now in the film festival circuit. And even better it’s winning lots of great awards. This is my first attempt at acting and let me say this, I have a new found respect for acting! WOW, that was such a great experience.

Technical difficulties film poster

Transgender Film starring Buck Angel. Technical Difficulties of Intimacy

The director Joel Moffett spent lots of time training me. My co-star Mariana Marroquin was such a professional and a great friend. I think we made an awesome film.

If you click on the video it will take you to the actual film page to watch the trailer and read all about the film and awards.

buck angel

This is what the Boston LGBT film festival said:

TECHNICAL DIFFICULTIES OF INTIMACY.  Directed by Joel Moffett. 19 min. USA

This groundbreaking film is about relationships outside the cis world. It’s a sexy yet at times awkward situational comedy about two trans people (played by Buck Angel and Mariana Marroquin) navigating a relationship. It will mess with your comfort zone and your expectations, from set design to something unfortunate that happens to a dildo.  This film is fearless in confronting the artifice that keeps love from being complete and authentic.

Recently I spoke at I will be speaking at Red Rocks Community College and Auraria College  in Denver. They screened my Sexing The Transman documentary and we had Q & A. What great students, lots of really super questions. I leave there feeling like people really got a sense of trans male sexuality. I love my work so much.


Buck Angel talks to Victorian AIDS Council.

The Victorian Aids Counsel in Melbourne Australia hosted a screening of the documentary Mr. Angel. Afterwards we had a panel discussion on trans issues. Great panel with many of the high profile trans activists in Melbourne.

buck angel

TSCHITCHAT then interviewed me for their nice YouTube show.

What an amazing experience. I really love Australia.

With gratitude, Buck


Buck Angel Sculpture in Australia

The Feast Festival in Adelaide Australia brought me over to do 5 events. What an amazing experience. One of the highlights for me was the intimate talk with Nick Mitzevich the director at the Art Gallery of South Australia about the process with the artist Marc Quinn. What an honor. Sometimes I really do not believe this is my life.

The paper in Adelaide had me come to the gallery to do an interview and a photo shoot with my sculpture. This is from the paper. I think the interview is pretty great. Click the photo to enlarge and read. With gratitude, Buck

Buck Angel Sculpture Adelaide Australia

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