Now I have been back from my amazing and incredibly rewarding trip to the Sexx Boxx Sexuality and Gender conference in Sao Paulo Brazil November 2015. It was the first conference and was so powerful and beautiful.

Many great workshops and people a]participated. We spoke about the horrible way that the LGBTQ community os treated , but most important we talked about the human rights aspect of being trans. Why the laws need to be chnaged and how we can help.

I spoke about my life and did my Sexing The Transman workshop, both big hits.

The film Technical Difficulties of Intimacy screened at the MIX Festival and I won the Ida Feldman award for the best personality 2015.

So really the trip was more rewarding than I could ever imagine.

This video was produced by the biggest paper in Brazil and has received well over 1.5 million hits at this time.

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