TRANSSNAPS.COM: If you use social media and specifically SnapChat and you have been wanting to show yourself off and make money, well this is one of the reasons I started TRANSSNAPS.COM to create jobs for our community. You can learn more at

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Helping the trans

SEXING THE TRANSMAN: Celebrating Trans Masculinity and sexuality
When I started my work in 2002 there was no one talking about trans men and sex. I think sex is a very important part of the transitioning . I produced a documentary called Sexing The Transman that has screened worldwide with rave reviews. Please visit for more info on this important project

BUCK ANGEL DATING: I started this site because I saw a lack of places for trans people to make dating connections . I have had such great feedback from people telling me that they have met somebody and that they are thankful to me for starting this site. Please click on the photo or this link to go to the site. BuckAngelDating
Buck Angel Dating