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This is my first DVD realease from Robert Hill. If you're a fan of mine or if you are new to my porn, you are gonna love this video! It comes with great special features: a photo gallery, an interview with me, and bonus scenes which include a jerkoff solo scene, a jerk off scene with Todd, and another scene with Lena Ramon!
Each scene is preceded by a brief interview with me.

The first scene is a hot domination sex scene with me and kitty. It opens with me making her lick and kiss my boots then I play with her, and fuck her pussy and do nasty things, like stick my cigar up her cunt. Then I fuck her heavily pierced and tattooed pussy with an enormous black dildo. I make her suck my big fat clit and finally fuck my hole till I cum.

The second scene is me and Wade. He comes in the room after just getting out of the shower and I am waiting for him on the bed naked. We get right to it. We play with each other and I suck his cock and balls, then I sit on his hard cock and fuck my pussy. We then finish up doin' it doggy style and he shoots a nice load on my ass!

Scene three is a HOT prison scene with Jeff. I rough him up a bit and leave him alone in his jail cell. When I am gone he starts jacking off. He doesn't know that I am watching him. I come in and bust him and force him to suck me off, then I fuck his tight asshole till he can't take any more. I suck his cock and make it hard for my wet man-pussy. I ride his cock and and gets all juicy. I then lay back and order him to fuck my hole. The scene ends with me making him jerk off for me.

The fourth and final scene is with me and Lena Ramon fucking. I fuck her pussy and make her suck my pussy. We use some great toys and gets hot and nasty!