I remember meeting Erika Lust years ago at one of the Berlin Porn Film festivals, She was super cool and came up to me to introduce herself. She makes really cool movies. She is really cool too. So when I was in Berlin this past year again for the porn film festival as well as the feminist porn awards Erika and I met up again. She asked me to do an interview for her site and of course I said yes. But with my crazy travel and work schedule it took me months to complete.

Finally here it is. I think it came out pretty good. Its actually very difficult for me to write as I do not feel as confident as I do with my film making or even my public speaking. So I do hope you enjoy it and get to know me better through it.

“Buck is an adult film maker, a trans man, an award winning porn star (branding himself “the man with a pussy”), a motivational speaker, and an activist who push for trans sex positivity. He fights for the right to be sexual – not only the right to be accepted. As one of the brightest, freshest voices in the adult industry right now, we talked to him about his relentless drive, using adult films as a tool for sexual liberation, trans visibility, the importance of sex positivity, and revolutionizing the porn world. Ladies and gentlemen, the amazing: Buck Angel….Read More


Buck Angel sitting photo