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Buck's Balm
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Buck's Balm

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NEW 150mg CBD Buck’s Balm is infused with 150 mg of pure HEMP CBD that is lab tested to ensure potency and meet the highest safety standards. NO THC is our products. 
For use on all your body parts, temples to toes.
Some CBD Benefits Include:
Pain Relief
Buck’s Balm is fast acting and made from high-quality organic beeswax, organic virgin oils, and all natural essential oil blends.

If you require more information on this product please reach out to us we will be happy to share.

Buck Angel says " I use Buck's Balm all over my body when I have aches and pains. It is a fast acting relief that you won't believe until you try it. I also use it on my temples when I have a headache and before I go to sleep at night. It gives me a great night sleep."