My Documentary Feature Film Mr. Angel Now Available on iTunes

“Mr. Angel,” my feature-length documentary film directed by Dan Hunt, is getting such a positive response from people, from so many walks of life.

Hot on the heels of Mr. Angel’s “Now Showing!” status at Netflix, iTunes is making it available for you to enjoy, too.

Watch the Trailer for Buck Angel Documentary Mr. Angel

So, go check it out! Watch the trailer, read fans and critics’ reviews, stream and download Mr. Angel at iTunes!

Be sure to let me know what you think about it. You can also buy a copy directly from me right here, and you can reach out to me on Twitter and Facebook to come play with me on social media.

Most important: I hope you enjoy the movie, that you learn a little something from it, and that you share it with your family and friends. Have fun!


– Buck

News: ‘Mr. Angel’ Now @Netflix and My New Trans Man Safe Sex PSA w/Jez from DUDE MAGAZINE



Check out my latest press release below.


March 2014:

New, Now, Buck! Trans* Educator-Entertainer Buck Angel’s “Mr. Angel” Debuts @Netflix

***New Netflix Feature “Mr. Angel” Wows Audiences, Opens Minds: Positive Outreach is Nothing New for this Trailblazing Educator-Entertainer ***

Grab Mr. Angel @ Now

The California-born trans porn pioneer has entertained his fans with riveting screen action as an actor/producer/sex god since 2004. His audiences have always been too busy going “Hawt!” to murmur “What?” and the result has helped Buck find fulfillment after a long, early stretch of despair. [As Buck informs his fans,] ‘Buck has survived addiction, homelessness, a suicide attempt, and relentless opposition to his gender expression. Still, he lives his truth without compromise or apology.’ And now he’s a whole other kind of movie star.

. – Michael Musto, “Out Magazine”

Watch the trailer for “Mr Angel” at YouTube


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Buck Angel


BUCK ANGEL knows rebranding. As the founder of the groundbreaking multimedia company Buck Angel Entertainment, he is a self-made trans* man, documentary and adult film producer and performer, LGBT icon, advocate, educator, lecturer and writer. Above all, Angel is an ever-evolving phoenix rising. Netflix gets it: the movie-delivery service is rocking out with Buck’s doc out, debuting “Mr. Angel” this month to rave reviews.

That’s right: Buck’s latest chef d’oeuvre is a film collaboration with director Dan Hunt–the self-titled documentary Mr. Angel is a jubilant, heart-opening, vibrant celebration of marching to the beat of your own heart.

Buck’s fans, young and old, old-school and brand new, straight, LGBTQ and all things in between, continue to find their minds blown wide open by Buck’s latest work. Here’s just a taste of the ongoing feedback Buck’s receiving and sharing with his fans:

“Mr Angel: well done. You told your story your truth, It can only inspire others to find and live there’s well. So one day Trans folks any people really won’t have to suffer so much before they get it. screw it just be the best you, you can be. Thank you. It was so relatable to myself personally it’s nice to see on TV no less in a movie a reflection of someone who actually resembles and embodies yourself for once. Fck yeah. xoxo – JT”

“Hi Buck, I just watched your documentary on Netflix. I’ve never been moved to write to someone after seeing them in a film or on TV, but you moved me.What can I say? I think you’re a hero. You’re kind, courageous, and so unapologetically yourself. I’m a cis woman, and you totally inspired me. I am just so impressed by you. The world needs more people like you.Thank you for sharing your story and for… well, for just being you.Wishing you absolute, utter bliss.”

In other news, the ever-prolific Angel continues to create, titillate and educate. His self-produced indie educational documentary film series Sexing The Transman continues to focus on the lives of trans* folks and their significant others (both XXX and family-friendly versions are available), and Sexing The Transman XXX Vol. 3 has just been nominated for a 2014 Feminist Porn Award:Sneak a peek.

Too, Buck inspires other trailblazers, worldwide: he’ll be participating in the First International LGBTIQ Film Festival in Buenos Aires Argentina, and the good times just keep on rollin’.

Next: fresh from his Australian Get Bucked tour, Dude Magazine’s very own Jez Pez and Buck’s newly-released Public Service Announcement is now online, educating others about safe sex for Trans* MSM.


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