• Do All Pornstars Think the Same?

    An important conversation about our work in the pornography business. I feel very strongly that education makes a change and why these kinds of vid...
  • HuffPost Queer Voices: "Introducing The First Sex Toy Designed Specifically For Transgender Men"

    “Talking with other trans men, as well as [taking into account] my own sexual needs, I knew this was an important product,” Angel told The Huffington Post in an email. “It is super validating when you walk into a shop and see a product made for you. It gives you a feeling of being recognized. I also think it says ‘masturbation and sexual needs are normal for everyone.’” (Read the full article here)
  • VICE Video: "Meeting With Trans Sex Educator Buck Angel"

    Vice Video / VICELAND: We attend a meeting held by trans advocate, educator, and activist Buck Angel to learn about trans sexuality and acceptance. (Click here to watch the entire video)
  • Buck Angel on VICE Broadly: "How Learning to Love My Vagina Affirmed My Manhood"

    Excerpt: "To me, transitioning doesn't just mean changing physically. It also means connecting to your body—the one you now have an opportunity to love like there is no tomorrow. The one that is finally all yours. For some, that requires surgery. For me, it required sex. But we don’t speak positively about sex in the trans community. We shut it down, because of years of being told that genitals equal gender; years of feeling like the whole world is only focused on trans people’s genitals, and that if we’re open about our bodies, we’ll be fetishized for it. I find that silence so incredibly damaging." (Read the full article here)
  • "Sex, Weed & Human Rights: The Buck Angel Interview" (Podcast)

    This searing interview with Buck Angel hears the sex and cannabis industry icon holding forth on fate, standing up for marginalized people, being a "tranpa," and creating a brand-new space for whoever you really are. The activist and warrior gets deep about using cannabis as a sober person, on never giving up the fight for civil rights, and never, ever becoming complacent, despite perceived gains. (Listen to the full podcast here)
  • Buck Angel interviewed in "them": "Buck Angel, entrepreneur, explains how cannabis can improve quality of life and health for LGBTQ+ people"

    A week after marijuana became legal in California, Buck Angel slid into a banquette at the back of a dark Hollywood bar and took a long hit of his vape pen. The iconic activist and self proclaimed “tranpa” of the adult movie world was coming off of two full days working a sex-toy expo, where he had introduced his second trans-specific toy, and was preparing to leave in a few days for a worldwide speaking tour. He claimed to be exhausted, but you never would have known. Even in a black suit vest and thick black-rimmed glasses, Angel had the look of a leather-daddy biker dude, all muscles and mustache and tattoos, and the energy of a kid on sugar. (Read the full article here)
  • MEL Magazine: A Conversation with Buck Angel, the Self-Professed ‘Tran-pa’ and ‘Man with a Pussy’

    Excerpt: At 55, Angel is now a self-professed “Tran-pa.” As such, he’s a nexus for nearly all touchpoints of the trans community — whether that’s via weed, philanthropy (Pride Wellness donates a portion of its profits to the senior center at the LGBT Center in Los Angeles) or porn. On the latter count, he’s nothing less than a pioneer. (Read the full article here)
  • Buck Angel Speaks at "MARY Talks: Sex & Cannabis" (Los Angeles)

    See Buck Angel on the "MARY Talks" panel discussion in Los Angeles talking about the role of cannabis in love, intimacy and sex. Read more and watch the highlight video here
  • Buck Angel on WNYC Studios' Podcast "Sooo Many White Guys" with Phoebe Robinson

    The trans activist and former adult film star joins Phoebe to talk about DIY porn, the challenges of transitioning, and his journey to self-love and acceptance. Listen here for free!
  • Awards Season and The Buck Off

    This year at the adult novelty awards shows the Buck Off won both the XBIZ award as well as the AVN award for most innovative sex toy.Its been a pr...
  • The Buck Off - The official Buck Angel® FTM stroker

    It's here! Finally after years of trying to get someone in the adult pleasure products world to listen to me! No one would take a chance to produce...
  • Tranpa Tshirts now Available

    Hi Everybody, If you haven't heard I have available now my new slick Tranpa design on a tshirt! Super excited to see you all wearing this design an...