Buck Angel - Amazing Homosapien who crossed the river to make his dream come true

My recent interview with Zest Girls. A new website for women and people! I am always so honored when these types of magazines reach out to me. Give me a voice. 

 Please tell us a bit about your childhood memories. We know that you were a beautiful girl named “Susan”. Was there any boy inside that girl?
That little girl was actually Buck, the guy you see today. My childhood was pretty normal considering I was a little girl who felt like a boy. But my family was ok with me being little Buck. It was only certain times that I would be reminded that I was a girl. having to go to church and wear a dress or to a family gathering. But mostly I felt like a boy. I was teased by other kids, what we call bulling behavior today. That made me a tough kid. Basically i always felt like a boy. I did all boy things like play football and skateboarding and all things boys did. The problems started with puberty. Period. That is when my body became female and betrayed my feelings. That was the beginning of the end.

Read the whole interview here. https://zestgirls.lk/buck-angel-interview/