The Buck Off - The official Buck Angel® FTM stroker

It's here! Finally after years of trying to get someone in the adult pleasure products world to listen to me! No one would take a chance to produce a product that would be specific to the sexual pleasure of trans men. 

They said "there is no market" as I laughed, but at the same time became so frustrated with always having this said to me. Of course, I knew better. It was the exact same thing that happened to me when I started to produce trans male sex films. All I heard was " there is no market". But I proved everyone wrong.

Perfect Fit came to the rescue! They saw a market. But more important they saw my vision to help trans men become comfortable with their new bodies. This has always been my mission. To change the way people and especially trans men feel about their bodies sexually. 

The BUCK OFF is designed with trans men who have taken testosterone and have had the effects enlarge their genitals. This model has a wider hole and will accommodate a larger genital area. Though it will also work with non-testosterone trans people as well. 

Buck Off-FTM Stroker

Now we are releasing an early pre-order because the demand for it went crazy and everyone wants it. I am just so excited to be able to bring you a product that will help you to connect with your new body in a way you might not have before. Sex was a big part of my transition and I believe it can help to make you feel much more comg=fortable in your body.

If you have any questions contact me. I will be adding some video soon that will be more graphic and enable you to see the product in action.

Now you can PRE-ORDER on the Perfect Fit website by clicking on this link:

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Thank you all so much for the incredible support with this product. 

Love #tranpa Buck